Wild Hearts still isn't great on PC despite a recent patch

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Wild Hearts players on PC aren't happy with a new patch that fixes very few problems with the game's port.

EA and Koei Tecmo debuted Wild Hearts earlier this month to a mixed reception on PC - while plenty of players enjoyed the game, there was an overwhelming sentiment that the port just wasn't good enough. Tonnes of players suffered from dropped frames and other technical issues, leading Wild Hearts' user reviews on Steam to trend to 'Mostly Negative' after just a few days.

Earlier this week, Koei Tecmo launched a new PC patch for Wild Hearts, but it doesn't appear to have done enough to stave off criticisms of the port. Just below for example, you can see one player demonstrating one of Wild Hearts' many battles after the new patch on PC, where the frame rate absolutely tanks throughout the fight.

I love the new patch for PC from r/WildHeartsGame

So fed up are players with Wild Hearts' PC port, that one Reddit user has instructed others on how to obtain a refund through Steam. "IDK what they did but they broke the everliving shit out of the game, its at a point where I cba logging on to waste time of my day," writes one less-than-enthused Reddit user in response to the Reddit post.

Elsewhere, RockPaperShotgun has actually delved into the new PC patch, testing it out across multiple settings. The outlet reports that although there are some minor improvements with the new PC patch, they're ultimately "teeny, tiny steps forward" for Wild Hearts, and frustrating for a game from a major publisher that should look and run a hell of a lot better than it currently does.

We've tested out Wild Hearts on PC twice now: prior to launch in October, and just before launch last month. The former session was an absolute technical mess, with stuttering and dropped frames rife throughout our time, and although the more recent review build last month was considerably better, there were still noticeable performance issues throughout the game. 

Wild Hearts PC players just aren't happy with the state of Koei Tecmo and EA's game right now, and as the Reddit posts attest to, they're doing something about it.

Head over to our Wild Hearts PC performance issues guide if you need help running the game on your rig.

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