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Wii U launch day (night?) livestream, chat begins tonight at 9pm PST

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! Or if you're on the West Coast, Saturday! Saturday! Saturday! That's when the Wii U officially hits store shelves, and we here at GamesRadar will be livestreaming as much of the games you want to see as we can. Join us! We'll have a live chatroom, where you can mingle with GamesRadar editors and tell us which game you want to see more of. New Super Mario Bros. U, Mass Effect 3, Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition, Epic Mickey name it, and we'll play it on the Wii U!

GamesRadar's Wii U launch day livestream begins at 9:01pm PST on Saturday, November 17. Tune in right here when the time arrives!

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