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Wii reaches 35 million sales, earns new record

Nintendo has just announced that lifetime sales of the Wii in the US have reached 35 million units over the past 52 months, which is the fastest any console has reached that milestone.

Although Wii sales have slowed down since the system first launched, Nintendo continues break new sales milestones and likes to remind everyone that the number of Wii units sold stilloutnumbers sales for both theXbox 360 or PS3. How boastful!

BothSony and Microsoftare starting to catch up in terms of system sales, as technological improvements are added to the more powerful consoles with the Wii left behind. We expect that its lack of HD support or a strong online presence will do nothing but become bigger hinderences as time progresses.

Nevertheless, in spite of all the strikes one could place against the Wii, it is still a very formidable console. Last month, NPD Group reported thatNintendo sold 454,000 in the US, and thattitles like New Super Mario Bros Wii continue to rank on the list of top sellers.

There are rumors circulating about the Wii 2 possibly being revealed in three months at E3 2011, but for now, the Wii is still by and large holding its own.

[Source:Nintendo Life]

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Mar 14, 2011

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