"Why did you leave Starfleet?" - Captain Picard is back in a new teaser that gives us more info on Star Trek: Picard

A new teaser for Star Trek: Picard featuring Patrick Stewart and a few lines of dialogue dropped earlier today. A brittle Jean-Luc Picard listens to a woman off-screen as shots of a vineyard fill the screen. 

It's a subtle showing, but it does give us more information about what the show might include plot-wise. The voice in the trailer talks about an incredible rescue mission, possibly one after the destruction of Romulus shown in the 2009 Star Trek remake, that Picard commanded. The voice then says that Picard quit Starfleet due to something that happened during the mission, maybe he lost his crew? 

That's all we know so far. Few other details have been confirmed by the shows creators or shown off in other teases. 

The trailer ends with the question: "Why did you leave Starfleet, Admiral?" 

It's a hint that the show could possibly open, or at least include, Starfleet officials calling Picard back for something.

At Star Trek Vegas earlier this month Stewart said that more than 20 years will have passed between Star Trek: Next Generation and the events of Picard. That means that the show could be set in 2399 (which is also somewhat confirmed by executive producer Michael Chabon), making Picard 94 years old. 

Star Trek: Picard debuts on CBS: All Access in the United States and Amazon Prime internationally by the end of 2019.

Picard has been the gold standard for the franchise since he joined it so it makes sense for him to be featured in some of the best Star Trek episodes. You can also get caught up on the Star Trek Timeline

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