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Whiteout trailer gusts in

It seems to have been coming for ages, but it looks like the Kate Beckinsale thriller Whiteout might finally see the light of day.

At least there’s a new trailer online, which you can see below.

It’s set in the atmospheric, frozen wastes of Antarctica, where a chilly voice-over reminds us there’s no permanent human settlement because the conditions are so bad.

But in this cold domain, murder has struck, and it’s up to Beckinsale as a US marshal, alongside The Spirit’s Gabriel Macht, to investigate.

It’s directed by Dominic Sena, and adapted from Greg Rucka’s award-winning graphic novel so there are both negative and positive aspects to this.

That it’s been sat on the shelf for so long is not a good sign, but check out the footage and decide for yourself if you think it’ll be worth seeing…