Who is the killer in The White Lotus season 2? All the best theories

Adam DiMarco and Simona Tabasco in The White Lotus season 2
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The White Lotus season 2 is coming to a head. The finale is just on the horizon, and we're still no closer to finding out who the dead bodies in the water are, or how they got there – or are we? 

When it comes to the identity of the dead guests at Sicily's White Lotus resort, there are plenty of theories online, and we've got some of our own, too. We've also got some ideas as to who the killer may be – if there even is a killer. While we may be expecting murder in the season 2 finale, it may very well be a tragic accident more akin to Armand's fate in season 1. While we're counting down the hours waiting for episode 7 to arrive on our screens, get stuck into our guide to all the best White Lotus theories, from accidental crimes of passion to cold-blooded murder.

Warning: there are The White Lotus spoilers ahead, so turn back now if you're not up to date with season 2.  

Who dies in The White Lotus season 2? 

Meghann Fahy in The White Lotus

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Well, we know for sure who doesn't die. Right at the start of the season, it's Daphne (Meghann Fahy) who finds the dead bodies while swimming in the ocean. We also see hotel manager Valentina (Sabrina Impacciatore) and concierge Rocco (Federico Ferrante) attempting to deal with the fallout, so we know they're both still alive and kicking. 

Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge)'s death has been hinted at pretty heavily throughout the season, with the fortune teller seeing something terrible in her tarot cards and the comparisons to the tragic heroines of Italian operas – but perhaps the hints have been too heavy. Tanya's imminent demise could be a red herring. 

Who is the killer in The White Lotus season 2? 


Adam DiMarco in The White Lotus season 2

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Albie (Adam DiMarco) may kill Alessio while trying to protect Lucia (Simona Tabasco), as it seems that he's developing feelings for her. Lucia has been implying that Alessio is intimidating her and pressuring her for money, but is he actually her pimp or just a friend she's roped in to help her scam Albie out of some money? And how much longer will Albie's "nice guy" schtick last?

Or, maybe he comes to the defence of Portia (Haley Lu Richardson) when she returns to the hotel from Palermo. After Jack (Leo Woodall)'s ominous drunken words in episode 6 and the realization that he purposely kept her from going back to the palazzo to join Tanya for the party, Portia is definitely feeling uneasy. When she eventually returns to the White Lotus, she may reach out to old flame Albie for help. 


Will Sharpe in The White Lotus season 2

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As of episode 6, Ethan (Will Sharpe) is paranoid that his wife, Harper (Aubrey Plaza), is cheating on him with his friend and former college roommate, Cameron (Theo James). It seems more likely, though, that Harper is playing mind games with him in retaliation for his lies about the night he spent with Cameron, Lucia, and Mia. She's evidently been picking up tips from Cameron's wife Daphne (Meghann Fahy), who enjoys engaging in toxic games with her husband. 

However, it's clear from Ethan's behaviour and the way he's responding to Harper that he is slipping further and further into paranoia. Could he be on the way to snapping completely, with tragic consequences? If so, it could be Harper or Cameron's bodies in the ocean.

A theory on Reddit, however, posits that Ethan will kill Lucia. In episode 6, hotel manager Valentina has sex with Mia and gives her a master key so that she can access an empty suite for them to spend the night in. If Mia steals that key, her and Lucia could finally get into Cameron's room to take the money he still owes them for their night together in episode 3. However, they're unlikely to find any cash in Cameron and Daphne's room, as it's implied the couple are actually broke. This Reddit user suggests that the pair may then try Ethan and Harper's room, and Ethan may attack Lucia thinking that she's Cameron coming into their room have sex with Harper. 


Tom Hollander in The White Lotus season 2

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Quentin (Tom Hollander) is not to be trusted, we know that for sure. He lied about Jack being his nephew, it turns out he knows Tanya's husband Greg (Jon Gries), and, frankly, he was throwing around way too many menacing looks in episode 6. But what's his end goal? 

Well, we know he's broke and he needs money. Does that mean he'll kill Tanya for hers? It's certainly possible. However, he's gone to a lot of trouble if the planned outcome was just to kill her. Then there's the framed photo of Quentin and Greg in their youth that Tanya discovers in Quentin's room in the palazzo, which means that they have a history together. Greg could even be the cowboy that Quentin mentioned he would "do anything for" in episode 5. It would seem, then, that blackmail is a more likely scheme than murder – Quentin wants Tanya's money, and he could be working with Greg to get it. 

As episode 6 came to an end and Tanya was getting intimate with Niccoló (Stefano Gianino), Quentin's cocaine dealer, the camera zooms out to reveal a red light on the wall. This has led some viewers to believe that they're being filmed, and this footage will be used to blackmail Tanya. It could also be used as evidence to nullify her and Greg's prenup and entitle him to more money if they divorced. 


Jennifer Coolidge in The White Lotus season 2

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In episode 6, Tanya holds a gun belonging to Niccoló, and "Chekhov's gun" is a phrase for a reason – it's likely that the weapon will have a later significance. But will Tanya be the one shooting or the one who gets shot? If the theory that Quentin is blackmailing her is correct, it could be that Tanya retaliates and attacks Quentin, Greg, or both men for tricking her. 

We know that the dead bodies are found at the hotel, though, and Tanya is currently at Quentin's palazzo in Palermo. Unless she reunites with Greg back at the White Lotus, it seems unlikely that Tanya will be the murderer.

No killer 

F. Murray Abraham and Michael Imperioli in The White Lotus season 2

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In season 1, hotel manager Armand ended up being the dead body in the coffin. However, his death was an accident. Could a similar incident be on the cards for season 2? Dead guests doesn't necessarily mean murdered guests. 

One theory posits that Bert (F. Murray Abraham) is sick and that's why he was so keen to get the whole family together on the trip to Sicily and why he was so upset that he, Dominic (Michael Imperioli), and Albie were so poorly received by the Di Grasso relatives they encountered in their ancestral village. He's an old man, and we know his wife died only a year ago, so it's not entirely implausible.  

The White Lotus airs weekly on HBO and Sky Atlantic, with episodes available to catch up with on HBO Max and NOW TV. Make sure you don't miss the finale with our guide to The White Lotus season 2 release schedule.

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