Where to pre-order PSVR 2 today: the latest information on stock

PSVR 2 and controllers
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Today is the day you can finally pre-order PSVR 2! That is, if you're lucky enough to have gotten an exclusive pre-order email from Sony. The process PlayStation is using to manage pre-order demand is a little unfamiliar, so we don't blame you for wondering where you can pre-order a PSVR2

Pre-orders go live today, November 15, but they're only available through Sony's PlayStation Direct online store. What's more, you have to have registered your interest with an email address that's linked to a PlayStation account. From there, at some point today, you might be lucky enough to receive an email from Sony inviting you to secure your pre-order. 

We'll update this page with more concrete information as and when we get it, so check down below for the latest. Annoyingly, because of the way the pre-orders are being done, that's really everything we know for sure. It should be noted that you'll be limited to one headset pre-order per address, and because there isn't a set time that pre-orders will go live, you need to watch your email inbox as closely as you can so you don't miss your chance.

How to pre-order PSVR 2

After registering your interest with an email address that's linked to your PlayStation account, your name will be added to the pile of fans who want a new VR headset or bundle. From there, Sony will choose prospective purchasers and send email to them, inviting them to secure their headset at an allocated time. From what we can see the email will read something like "this is your exclusive opportunity to pre-order PSVR 2!"

After that, it will say you have "exclusive access" at a certain time, and give you a window until November 18 in which your pre-order link will work. The email also adds that the link will work "while supplies last, subject to availability." 

From what we're seeing on social media, it looks as though some people are seeing that the headset is already sold out if they attempt to buy early. Other Twitter users are saying they're finding success by hitting the link as close to their allocated time as possible. 

Stock appears to be refreshing as time progresses, and as we get to more allocated pre-order times. If you go to claim your pre-order and the retail page says that it's out of stock, try waiting for your allocated time, or trying again later as more stock is released. 

It would seem that stock is going to continue to refresh until November 18, or until pre-order stock fully vanishes.

PSVR 2 price and bundles

The PSVR 2 price is $549.99 in the US, £529.99 in the UK (inc. VAT), and AU$879.95 in Australia. For that price, you get a set of VR 2 Sense controllers, some stereo headphones, and you guessed it, the headset itself. Separately, you can also buy a PSVR 2 Sense controller charging station for $49.99 / £39.99 / AU$79.95, which could help to free up your PS5 console's USB charging ports.

For reference, the original PSVR cost $399 / £349 / AU$549.95 when it launched in 2016. Although this was the same launch price as the PS4 in 2013, the console itself had seen some price drops by the launch of the VR headset.

At the moment, we only know of one bundle that's available to buy with the PSVR 2 on pre-order day. For $599.99 / £569.99 / AU$959.95, you can get the PlayStation VR2 Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle which pulls together everything you get in a base purchase, as well as a PlayStation Store voucher code for Horizon Call of the Mountain.

If you miss out on the chance to pre-order a PSVR 2, there are other headsets you can go for. Have a look at our best VR headset round-up, if you're interested. 

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