Where to find Destiny 2 Microphasic Datalattice for infusing all your gear

Short on Destiny 2 Microphasic Datalattice? You've come to the right place. Well, sort of. Technically, you'll need to head to Nessus or the Tangled Shore to stock up on this particular upgrade material, but we've got plenty of tips on how to stock up quickly and efficiently. 

These twinkling streams of data can be found on Nessus. There are a handful scattered throughout the area that you can stumble upon while wandering. You can see our guide to their location below, but bear in mind that they move slightly each time they spawn.

However, because they only yield a few Microphasic Datalattice apiece (not to mention the fact that they move slightly each time they spawn), it’s arguably more effort than it’s worth to find and farm them.

Instead, the most reliable technique would be making a beeline for Failsafe and grabbing her daily bounties. As of Forsaken’s launch, these offer 10 Microphasic Datalattices a pop for straightforward busywork (e.g, kill 30 Fallen or complete 2 public events). The only catch is that you’ve got to finish these bounties within 24 hours.

As such, the most efficient technique for farming Datalattices would be picking up each bounty and heading for whichever public event is about to start. There are a couple of reasons for this; firstly, every event gives you two of the coveted material upon completion. Secondly, you can often finish your bounties in the process. Make sure you get any kill-based patrols you come across on the way, too (denoted by a white triangular symbol when you bring out your Ghost). These net you more Microphasic Datalattices each time and, as with bounties, they can often be completed while mopping up public events.

Another sure-fire way to cut-corners is using the Nessus Ghost shell you earned during Destiny 2’s campaign. This highlights random treasure chests hidden throughout the environment when you’re within 30 metres, and each one provides several Microphasic Datalattices. Handily, the Nessus shell shows nearby Datalattices on the radar when you’re very close, too 

New to Destiny 2? Good news – as well as the above, hunting Nessus Region Chests gets you six Microphasic Datalattices a go. These can be found near the cross symbol when you bring up your Director. 

Equally, make sure you explore any unfinished Nessus Lost Sectors. The entrances are concealed near a semi-circle icon found in your map or daubed onto the environment close by. Fighting off the tough AI that guard the Lost Sector’s treasure will give you access to another chest with several Datalattices inside. 

If you don’t fancy grinding for Microphasic Datalattices, the Spider sells them in the Tangled Shore. Be warned, though – you’ll shell out one Legendary Shard for every five Datalattices, so it’s a pricey tactic, and Spider's inventory changes every day. Check back regularly to see when he's got Datalattice available. 

Regardless of how you do it, the above will provide you with a glut of the weird Vex material - and all in record time.

Turn to page two for all the Destiny 2 Microphasic Datalattices Nessus locations.

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