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Where to find Destiny 2 Microphasic Datalattice for infusing all your gear

Individual Microphasic Datalattice Spawn-Points on Nessus

Finding Datalattices in the wild can be tricky; they don’t always appear in the same place (or at all, for that matter). Nonetheless, they’ll spawn within a relatively small area so you won’t have to search for long. They can usually be found in the following:

(Disclaimer – remember, these Datalattices may move. This is where we tended to find them).

Exodus Black

 Occasionally on the platform directly below the Exodus Black spawn-point.

Three buildings will be visible from Exodus Black’s plateau spawn-point. There’s sometimes a Microphasic Datalattice under the large one to the far right-hand side.

If you can’t find anything inside those three buildings, there’s sometimes a Datalattice atop the stand of rocks just beyond them.

You can also find one on the ledge left of where it says ‘Well of Stars’ in your Director.

Go immediately left of the spawn-point and down the narrow pass. You’ll usually find a Datalattice around there.

You’ll sometimes find one on the right-hand side of the valley (near the enormous disc-shaped wreckage). Careful – it can also spawn round the back of the Vex architecture nearby.

You’ll often a Microphasic Datalattice to the right of the Exodus Black zone, tucked away in the looping gorge.

Artefact’s Edge

Take a hard left from the spawn-point in Artefact’s Edge. You’ll potentially find a Datalattice near the golden Vex machine within the wall. Failing that, it’s sometimes found below this area beside the Lost Sector symbol.

You can occasionally find one near the downed ship to the right.


There’s sometimes one lurking beyond the large pit, near the giant sphere set into the wall.

There are a few inside the Hallows when you jump down into the pit; one is in the right-hand area

Better still, you can sometimes find 2 Datalattices in the tunnel continuing along on the right-hand side.

Watcher’s Grave

Go to the top left of the Watcher’s Grave area to find another Microphasic Datalattice.


Head down into the swamp on the right-hand side when you enter the Tangles – you’ll find another Datalattice here.

Continue through the Tangles on the right-hand side and you’ll find a Datalattice in the wooded area.

Keep going down the path and you’ll find some Vex gates. There’s one here, too.

The Cistern

Head to the lake of Vex milk after spawning in the Cistern – you’ll potentially find one at the water’s edge.

Another can be found just up from the lake, sometimes hidden amongst the Vex ruins.

You can find a Datalattice near the Inverted Spire Strike.

Glade of Echoes

Go to the right side of the Glade of Echoes. You’ll find a Microphasic Datalattice at the top right-hand corner.

You’ll find one in the bottom right-hand corner as well.

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