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Where The Wild Things Trailer online!

We’ve been tempted, teased and forced to wait for ages to see proper, moving footage of Spike Jonze’ Where The Wild Things are, but the waiting and frustration are finally over – the trailer’s here!

And how is it? Well, as you’ll see if you click below, it really does look rather wonderful.

Yes, one or two shots of the Wild Things- voiced by the likes of James Gandolfini, Forest Whitaker, Catherine O’Hara and Lauren Ambrose – look like a little puppet/CG fakery, but on the whole this is one beautiful promo.

Almost dialogue free, it introduces us to the world of Max (Max Records), who escapes from the frustrating real world into one of his own creation – where seemingly ferocious creatures crown him their king.

As you might expect from Jonze, it’s a beautiful music video-style piece. Take a look and tell us what you think…

Update: The demand is obviously killing Trailer Addict. If you can't view the above, try this: