Wheatley puppet is painstakingly built and kind of amazing

So you think you're a Portal fan because you've beaten the game. Oh, you went back and looked for all of Rat Man's dens, huh? Wow, you've really taken this thing as far as it can go. Time to move onto a new game... or you could just spend three months building your very own fully expressive and lit-up Wheatley to carry about with you and persuade people that you actually are Chell. An actual Portal Gun would technically be a more impressive achievement, but only by small margin.

Furin's exhaustive replication of the Steve Merchant-voiced robo-ball is detailed on her blog; note that this is her second effort of this scale. Her work's already drawn the praise of well-known Portal mod-maker Ryan Palser, who sold one of his custom-built sentry turretsto Gears of War director Cliff Bleszinski. At the time of writing, Furin's Wheatley is the only one in existence – and she's keeping it for herself. “My friend generously volunteered to make Chell's Portal 2 jumpsuit for me, since I'm sewing-retarded,” says Furin – hopefully you'll agree she's earned a rest anyway.

Aug 10, 2011