What is Rage 2? Let this new trailer explain it to you in ALL CAPS

This new Rage 2 trailer is more effective at explaining what the game in question actually is than 99% of the other video game trailers I've ever seen. Titled "What is Rage 2?", it goes about answering that single question in the most efficient manner possible: with BIG FONT on top of EVEN BIGGER action. I never played the original Rage, but I feel like I have a firm grasp on what its sequel is all about now.

"Didn't play Rage 1? Don't worry. An asteroid destroyed Earth. Now there's anarchy," is the kind of plot synopsis anybody can get behind. The only way it could be improved is with narration from the guy who voiced the the codex entries in Mass Effect. You think I'm kidding, but Rage 2 cheats will give you enthusiastic interjections from the NBA Jam announcer guy and even Danny Doyle, so there's no reason to rule out the Mass Effect Codex Guy as a possibility.

Rage 2 is set to be released on May 14, which you means you have a few weeks to decide whether you want to specialize in vehicular manslaughter, firearm expertise, or the rarefied glory of the windmill kill. Or just go for all the above and more, since doing everything all the time has clearly been established as the point of this video game.

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Connor Sheridan

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