Watch this new Rage 2 trailer and savor the glory of the windmill kill

The new Rage 2 trailer enjoys the small things in life: shooting an explosive barrel, sucking bad guys into spinning windmills, cheesy '80s cartoon theme songs, that kind of things. It's all presented with the oversaturated violent glee that has come to define the unlikely sequel, and hopefully the game will be half as fun to play as this trailer is to watch.

The focus in this new Rage 2 trailer - aside from that catchy "Wasteland Superhero" jingle - is combining all the different powers, weapons, and vehicles that Rage 2 gives you to wreak inventive havoc on your enemies. Is there much of a mechanical benefit to levitating a group of raiders into the air before blasting them with a volley of seeking missiles? They'd probably be just as dead if you shot them with all those missiles while they were on the ground, right? I don't know, but it makes for great gameplay footage.

Easily the best/least practical thing in the whole trailer is that windmill kill. It feels like a proper successor to using Half-Life 2's crossbow to pin Combine soldiers to the wall. So satisfying. Let's play that back again.

I'm sure there will be death-dealing japes to be had with every weapon and ability in the game, but I already know what I'm gunning for as soon as I unlock it. And I won't have to wait too much longer to try, since Rage 2's still set to hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 14.

Read more about just how off-the-wall Rage 2 gets in our hands-on preview. 

Connor Sheridan

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