Westworld poster looks like iRobot f****d Leonardo Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man

HBO's Westworld has taken its sweet time getting to us, but you know what? After the glimpses we've seen so far it looks as if those extended breaks for fine tuning were worth it. Based on the 1973 movie - written and directed by Michael Crichton - this hour-long drama hails from Jonathan Nolan, JJ Abrams and Lisa Joy, and promises to mess with your mind at every opportunity. Just look at the new poster: 

How creepy is that? Feel something stirring in your gut that's hard to pinpoint? Yeah. Me too. It's a damn effective piece of art that's unsettling in a way that aligns well with the premise. The show takes place in a world where androids are the attractions at an amusement park for the rich, who can pay to have all sorts of 'experiences' on the rides. It's as depraved as it sounds. 

In the original movie everything goes to hell when the androids begin to disobey their programming, with Yul Brynner's gunslinger droid in the Westworld section of the park going on a kill mission. From what we know of the series, that's going to happen here too. (I blame Skynet.)

Co-starring Anthony Hopkins, Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright and Ed Harris, Westworld will debut on HBO on October 2.   

Images: HBO 

Gem Seddon

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