Westworld episode 8 trailer teases the aftermath of *that twist*, another massive shoot-out, and more Arnold talk

Spoiler warning: this article contains spoilers for the most recent episodes of Westworld. Do not proceed unless you're up-to-date. 

So. Westworld. Now that *massive twist* - which you really should have seen coming - is out in the open, it's time to move on to dustier plains. On this show that means more duplicitous activities carried out by both humans and cyborgs. Episode 8, Trace Delay, is due to hit this Sunday and looks set to continue down that path.  

HBO has released a small, yet telling, teaser. Check it out: 

What are the big takeaways? 

When confronted by Bernard, who now has to contend with two pretty major realisations (he's a Host, and he's killed the woman he loves), Ford reels off a line from Frankenstein: "One man’s life or death is but a small price to pay for the dominion I should acquire." Sounds about right, considering what we now know about the park's co-creator. 

Moving on to Maeve, whose cognition quest continues to get more and more batshit. Last week she gave us one of the best lines ever in the show and this coming week promises to give her even more, as she journeys for freedom. What sophisticated things does she want changing? I'd love to see her escape... and then have it turn out she's just slipped into another world (Medieval or Roman World, as seen in the movie.) 

Delores' journey to discover the truth about her existence, well, looks like she could be nearly there. There's a huge shootout obviously, that suggests not everything will go according to plan.  

Perhaps the most telling part is how often Arnold's name gets mentioned. The co-creator's presence seems to loom over the darker actions taking place in the park. That's impressive considering he's 30 years dead. When will we find the truth about him, and/or the maze? It's got to be the season finale, right? 

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