We'll hear "much more" about The Last of Us multiplayer spin-off this year

The Last of Us
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We'll hear more about The Last of Us's multiplayer spin-off later this year.

On March 13, Naughty Dog co-president and original Last of Us director Neil Druckmann took part in a "spoilercast" for the HBO adaptation with Kinda Funny, which you can see just below. The Naughty Dog leader revealed that we'll "hear much more about" The Last of Us multiplayer game at some point later this year.

Druckmann also confirmed the game is Naughty Dog's "next big title," so it'll be the next major launch from the studio before any other projects. "It's an interesting experience for me because it's the first Last of Us game where I'm not the primary writer, I'm not the primary director," Druckmann said of the multiplayer spin-off.

"What the team has put together is so cool. It's very different from what I would do but that's part of the exciting thing about it, with other people playing in this world," Druckmann continued, adding that a new team taking the reigns on the project means he takes on more of a producer role instead.

We've known about The Last of Us's multiplayer spin-off, always talked about as fans as a successor to the original game's Factions multiplayer mode, for years now. Druckmann finally revealed the game officially last year in Summer 2022, stating "it's as big as any of our single-player games."

2023 actually marks the 10-year anniversary of the original Last of Us. Earlier this year in January, Naughty Dog revealed we'd hear more about The Last of Us multiplayer spin-off before June, when the official anniversary rolls around. There should just be a few more months to wait until we finally get more details about the tantalizing project.

Elsewhere, Druckmann revealed Naughty Dog's next game after the multiplayer spin-off has already been decided, but wouldn't confirm or deny if it was the long-awaited The Last of Us Part 3.

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