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Weekly Replay - Game Club, Batman multiplayer, and more

Don't miss out on anything from the last week. We've gone through which Nintendo characters we think will be added to Nintendo's next brawler in our Super Smash Bros. Weekly show. The GamesRadar Game Club has made a comeback. Listen to how it went in our Game Club podcast. Plus, we detail the newly announced Batman: Arkham Origins multiplayer. Check out all of these and more in the links below.

Super Smash Bros. Wii U Weekly - What Nintendo characters will be added?

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GamesRadar's Game Club podcast - Psychonauts

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PS4 Games - Every single one announced so far

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Smoking kills in Infamous: Second Son dev video

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10 characters who did the exact opposite of what we would have done

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Batman: Arkham Origins getting multiplayer. Here's how it works

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Let's Talk: What will be the best Xbox One game

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Diablo 3 co-op multiplayer fiesta


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