Wednesday Link-A-Mania

Lost star in Mission Impossible 4 ; new clips from Red ; new shows given the green light – Nine Lives and Ghost Angeles; and something a bit scary…

Lost ’s Sawyer For Mission Impossible 4
Josh Holloway (Sawyer in Lost , in case you need reminding) is on the brink of signing up for a role in Mission Impossible 4 , according to The Hollywood Reporter . He will play a member of the Impossible Mission Force, the secret agent task force headed by Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise). The film is being produced by JJ Abrams, for a December 2011 release.

We Thought We’d Post This Just to Ruin Your Day

ABC Family Commission Super-Powered Teen Drama
US TV channel ABC Family has greenlit a pilot for a new drama series called Nine Lives , based on the young adult novels Nine Lives Of Chloe King by Celia Thomson. According to Deadline , it’s about a teenager with heightened abilities (super speed, agility, hearing and claws) who discovers she’s being pursued by a mysterious figure. Dan Berendsen ( Hannah Montana: The Movie ) has written the script and is executive producing.

The Ghost Of Ghost Whisperer Returns With An OC Makeover
The OC and Chuck producer Josh Schwartz is set to become the showrunner on a new series for NBC called Ghost Angeles , which will star The OC ’s Rachel Bilson (who also guest starred in Chuck ). It all sounds very Ghost Whisperer to us if the plot outline on Deadline is anything to go by: “It centers on a young woman in Los Angeles who can talk to the dead, helping the spirits as much as they are helping her.”

Red Clippage
More footage from the film that adapts Warren Ellis’s Red comic in the way that The Life Of Brian adapts the Bible…

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