Watch the preview for Game of Thrones season 7, episode 5 now (and ask why it isn't Sunday yet)

Apologies if you’re still recovering from Game of Thrones season 7, episode 4 (we have so many questions), but time waits for no man (or dragon, for that matter). The preview for the next episode of Game of Thrones season 7 – the wonderfully-titled Blood of the Dragon – has so much going on that you’re going to need to prepare yourself before watching it. Spoilers await those venturing south of this wall of text. Ready? Ok, let’s go…

The 30-second teaser for next week picks up right where we left off, with Dany reigning triumphant over a Lannister/Tarly battalion but, in a neat twist, she’s offering to spare their lives if they bend the knee. (Dany really wants people to bend the knee this season, huh?)

Dany going all Mad Queen isn’t going down well though, with Varys whispering in Tyrion’s ear about a plan to make her come to her senses. I don’t buy that Daenerys has gone full-on dictator just yet but the little Lannister has too many players in the game to worry about – has Jaime even survived? – for it to be quite as simple as Tyrion telling Dany to take a knee on the dragon massacres for now.

Elsewhere, Jon comes face-to-face with Drogon and, once he’s finished cleaning the dragon breath out of his nostrils, addresses Dany’s War Council with news of an impending White Walker invasion. Are the problems in the North about to hit home a lot sooner than most feared?

Oh and, if that wasn’t enough, Cersei is telling Qyburn that she intends to defeat Dany’s dragons. Are we sure this is just going to be one episode of Thrones? This season is already bursting at the seams with a cacophony of cool moments and nail-biting action scenes – and Blood of the Dragon looks to continue in that vein.

Images: HBO

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