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Watch Killing Eve online and stream each season around the world

Watch Killing Eve online and stream each season around the world
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So you want to watch Killing Eve online and its latest season? Us too. To make your life easier, we've been busy figuring out how to get hold of the show from wherever you are. You can find out how to stream Killing Eve below, right up to the recent season 3.

That includes how to watch Killing Eve online across the globe, by the way. Regardless of whether you want to stream the show from the US, UK, or somewhere else entirely, we've got you covered - just skip to the relevant section below. You'll be ready to binge the show from start to finish in no time.

A tale of love, obsession, and straight-up murdering people in horrific ways, the show follows government agent Eve as she attempts to catch a deadly assassin. Trouble is, that assassin has become completely infatuated with her - and now everyone is going to pay the price. Because season two left our hero in a dire straits, being able to watch Killing Eve online and catch up with new episodes is high on our list of priorities.

Want another drama of intrigue and illicit goings-on once you're done with Killing Eve? You can find out how to stream The Wire right here.

Watch Killing Eve online - USA

Sling TV | From $30 per month ($20 for your first month)
For those in the US, the best way to stream Killing Eve online is through Sling. It has access to all three seasons of the show, which is more than most other streaming services. Direct TV only has two by comparison, as does Hulu. If you'd rather watch live, BBC America has your back.

As a result, we'd recommend going with Sling or grabbing a VPN. This will allow you to watch via the UK version of BBC iPlayer.View Deal

Watch Killing Eve online - Canada

Crave | From $9.99 per month
Bad news, Canada - the only place to stream Killing Eve right now is Crave, and that only has the first two seasons available. That's great if you want to get caught up on the story so far, but not so awesome for those who'd prefer to watch the latest episodes.

That's where a VPN comes in. It'll allow you to use another country's streaming services as if you lived there, thus enabling you to watch Killing Eve on the likes of BBC iPlayer in the UK.View Deal

Watch Killing Eve online - UK

BBC iPlayer | Free
It's easy to watch Killing Eve in the UK; you can find all three seasons, including new episodes on BBC iPlayer. Simply sign in with any email address and you're away.

Otherwise, there aren't many options open to you - it's on Sky Go, but few other places. If you can't get hold of it for any reason, consider a VPN in our section below.View Deal

Watch Killing Eve online - Australia

Stan | From $10 per month
OK Australian readers, ready to know where can you watch Killing Eve? Unfortunately, only one season is available in most places - Stan and ABC iview, to be exact. Boo.

That's obviously not ideal, so we'd suggest hooking up to a VPN and using another region's streaming services. Then you'll be able to watch all of the story so far.View Deal

Watch Killing Eve online from anywhere else

ExpressVPN | From $6.67 / £5.50 per month
If you don't have many - or any - seasons of Killing Eve in your area, a VPN is really the only way forward.

Curious about what a VPN is? It stands for 'Virtual Private Network' and has a couple of essential uses. To begin with, it keeps your data safe. Secondly (and more importantly) it tricks your internet into believing you're somewhere you're not. This allows you to watch Killing Eve via another streaming service.

We find that ExpressVPN is the best and easiest VPN to go with, so you'll find a quick how-to on getting it up and running below.

1: Get a cheap VPN installed. After lots of hands-on testing, we'd have to recommend ExpressVPN. It's compatible with most devices, and if you act fast you can get an additional three months FREE on a 12-month package and save 49%.

2: Connect to a UK server. Because Killing Eve is easiest to get hold of in the UK, we'd recommend using a UK server once you've signed up, or you could pay to go via Hulu or Sling as mentioned earlier in this piece if you fancy signing up to a US streaming service instead.

3: Head over to BBC iPlayer. All set? Head over to BBC iPlayer and start watching!View Deal

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