Watch Jay Leno drive the new GT5 cover car around LA's secret track

Fancy an early peak at the impossibly pretty Mercedes SLS AMG (aka the star of Grant Turismo 5’s recently revealed box art)? Of course you do.

Below you’ll find a short movie of Hollywood talk show host Jay Leno caning (well as much US inner city speed limits will allow) Hollywood’s ‘secret track’ in the dream machine. Starting off at Mulholland Drive, Leno drives through Laurel Canyon’s mega cracked roads, before speeding along Sunset Boulevard and Beverly Hills. Car nuts brace yourselves: the ferocious, guttural roar of its engine will likely make you lose the run of yourself.

In a making of video (opens in new tab), Leno admits this little known route, which has been driven by such Tinsel Town legends as Steve McQueen and James Coburn, would “make a great videogame.” At 13 miles long, the hidden track is almost as long as Hollywood’s famous Nürburgring, with a surprisingly similar shape. Let’s hope GT creator Kaz Hirai takes notice and stuffs this secret circuit into the upcoming PS3 racer before its release. Because frankly, we’d rather take a tire iron to our temples than drive around the High Speed Ring again.

Above: The SMS bringing DeLorean doors back in style

We've collected some in-game GT5 images (opens in new tab) of the SMS, too. Petrol heads tread carefully, because these shots speed over the tag of car porn and park straight into the category of depraved filth.

Jan 7, 2010