Wasteland 3 studio inXile is working on a first-person RPG, according to job listings

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We've known for a few months that Wasteland studio inXile is working on multiple new RPGs, and now we can fairly safely assume one of them is a first-person shooter.

Back in September, inXile CEO Brian Fargo took to Twitter to announce that the studio is "working on wonderful new RPGs," adding that its "second RPG is in the infancy of pre-production."

As Twisted Voxel (via PC Gamer) noticed, new job listings at inXile give a slightly clearer picture of one of the RPGs in development. One listing seeks a lead gameplay engineer to work on "the studio's next-generation action role-playing game" and help develop "new first person shooter gameplay features." Another bullet point says the applicant will need to "tackle large areas of uncertainty, creating new technology or drawing upon other examples to achieve a truly next-generation combat experience."

Elsewhere, a listing for senior gameplay designer seeks applicants with knowledge of "the moment-to-moment gameplay loops of first-person shooters and RPGs and what makes those genres fun."

As our pals at PC Gamer point out, the project described above probably isn't Wasteland 4, as a listing for Art Director promises the opportunity for applicants to "bring an extraordinary new world to life." Though, I'll remind you that inXile is confirmed to be working on a number of new titles, so there's still a very good chance a Wasteland 3 sequel is in the works separately.

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