Warzone patch buffs long-suffering Modern Warfare weapons

Call of Duty
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The latest patch for Call of Duty: Warzone has arrived, and Season 4 Reloaded brings some welcome news for Modern Warfare fans, as weapons from that game are getting more viable.

The viability of Modern Warfare weapons has been a sticking point for some time, ever since Black Ops Cold War's weapons took over the meta. Some players went as far as calling the Modern Warfare weapons "unplayable" in the wake of more viable alternatives originating in Cold War and Vanguard.

But the latest patch shifts the balance significantly, as Charlie Intel notes. Vanguard's powerful NZ-41 has been nerfed hard, with less recoil control, range, and damage potential. (The NZ-41 had recently gotten a fairly substantial buff.) The devs have some broad balance changes in mind for the assault rifle category.

"As it stands, the best performing builds are ones that result in the least amount of recoil," the devs explain on the official site. "It’s high time we take a pass at some of the major outliers so that Vanguard assault rifles are less likely to devolve into pin-point accurate lasers."

That change comes on top of some direct buffs for Modern Warfare weapons. The CR-56 AMAX, Kilo 141, and M13 all have more damage potential, and the Kilo in particular no longer has its mid-range damage drop-off.

Those changes are already proving popular among players. "Honestly, best looking update I've seen since the day the game launched," aminnesotabro69 writes on Reddit. "Shows that Raven is actually really trying to find a gun balance and not just have Vanguard guns rule all."

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