Yes, Warzone 2 is coming to PS4

Warzone 2.0 release date
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Warzone 2 will be coming to PS4 and Xbox One, as well as modern hardware, on November 16 this year, just a few weeks after Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 launches. With the original Warzone and last-gen consoles getting a bit long in the tooth, a refreshed Warzone sequel will be exactly what a lot of players want, propelling the battle royale away from the Pacific environments of the Second World War and back into the modern era. Here's what we know about Warzone 2 and its release on PS4 and other hardware.

Is Warzone 2 on PS4?

Warzone 2 will be making its way to PS4 and Xbox One, as well as PS5, Xbox Series X, and even Steam on November 16, 2022. While it’s good to see that players on older consoles won’t be left behind with the sequel, it does raise questions surrounding the technical performance and capabilities of Warzone 2. Even now, Warzone doesn’t run particularly well on those older consoles, so it doesn’t bode well for a Warzone sequel that running on a unified Call of Duty engine and is likely to have enhanced graphics and tech.

Call of Duty: Warzone

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Ricochet Anti-Cheat

Warzone Ricochet anti cheat

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Both Warzone 2 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 will have Ricochet Anti-Cheat active, so get clued up on how exactly it works to stop cheater

It's also worth pointing out that there is no release date for Warzone 2 yet. Activision has confirmed that the battle royale sequel will be launching in 2022, and we already know that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – the game that Warzone 2 is being developed alongside – is launching on October 28, 2022. Based on past Call of Duty release dates and Warzone integrations, we expect Warzone 2 to launch in November or December 2022, presumably on all the listed platforms simultaneously.

Details on Warzone 2 on the whole are very thin at the moment, but hopefully some new information or an official reveal comes soon. However, we wouldn’t rule out the possibility of a delay into early 2023 to ensure a smooth launch as Warzone has seen some rough technical issues, particularly around the Vanguard integration period. Regardless of when Warzone 2 launches, hopefully it’s a smooth experience for players still on PS4 and Xbox One.

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