Warhammer Wednesday: Skaven

Clan Skyre is generally considered to be the most powerful of the Skaven clans because of their mastery of magic and engineering. Skaven war machines based on this delirious science are insanely powerful and deadly.

The Warp-lightning Cannon is crewed by two slaves who provide the muscular power needed to move the gun around, while a Skryre adept issues orders to the slaves and fires the rumbling beast. The magical energy of the warpstone powering the gun is also used by the Skryre adept to strengthen the slaves, giving them enough muscle to move and spin around the heavy machine with ease. The unfortunate side effects of this exposure to raw warpstone energy mean that the slaves normally survive for less than a day.

Jezzail teams consist of two Clan Skyre Skaven. One is armed with a long-barreled rifle; the other carries a shield that doubles as both a defensive barrier and a gun mount. The Jezzail fires bullets of refined warpstone that explode on impact, making a mockery of the thickest armor.

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