Warhammer Wednesday: Skaven

Warhammer Wednesday begins with the evil rat-men of the Warhammer underworld known as the Skaven. Streaming out of the diseased capital of the Skaven Empire, Skavenblight, the society of the Skaven is organized into innumerable clans. The most powerful of these have unique specialties and are known as the four Great Clans; the plague-infested Clan Pestinlens, the warped and mutilated Clan Moulder, the stealthy, black-hearted Clan Eshin and the war-machine-masters Clan Skyre.

Clan Pestilens' diseased ranks make up the bulk of the Skaven army. They swarm their enemy with overwhelming numbers and high morale, wielding plague-infested weapons. These shock troops are led by a Plague Censer Bearer, a fanatical worshiper the Skaven Horned Rat deity, who spreads disease with a lethal poison gas flail. Clearly, the Skaven are an enemy best kept at a distance.