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New Marvel theory is exactly what we want to see from WandaVision

(Image credit: Disney)

WandaVision is perhaps the most mysterious of all the Marvel Phase 4 entries heading our way. The first trailers and concept art show a series that appears to see Wanda dealing with her loss of Vision by living in her own dream world, one which takes several stylistic choices from classic sitcoms. One new MCU fan theory, though, has put the pieces of the mind-bending premise together into an idea that we hope comes to fruition on Disney Plus this December.

BXofTriscuits on Reddit takes the prevailing theory that Scarlet Witch will invent a world via her psychic powers so she can live with Vision and takes it one step further. WandaVision, as the theory outlines, would deal with all of Wanda’s many, many losses that she’s suffered through so far in the MCU.

Each of the distinctive sitcom styles we’ve seen so far (totalling four decades from the 1960s through to the 1990s) represents a traumatic event in Wanda’s life.

The black-and-white I Love Lucy-style 1960s section could revolve around losing her parents, a throwaway line in Avengers: Age of Ultron that could be expanded upon properly here and, whisper it, could also introduce her comic-book accurate father, Magneto.

The 1970s would see Wanda overcoming the death of her brother, Quicksilver, which we saw in Age of Ultron. The 1980s section would touch upon Scarlet Witch confronting her own villainous actions in the past, while the 1990s will focus on her and Vision’s relationship, as well as his untimely end at the hands of Thanos.

In essence, the theory suggests the miniseries would chart Wanda’s entire life and her failures, all while being far more introspective than the usual Marvel fare. It would also echo Kevin Feige’s comments at the WandaVision reveal last year at San Diego Comic-Con that the show is “unlike anything we’ve ever done before,” as well as providing the next evolution for her character, be it as a hero or villain depending on how she deals with the grieving process.

Whether it comes to pass or not, this is a rare Marvel theory – one that makes sense and one that we actually want to happen.

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