WandaVision finale features a small tribute to Quicksilver

Evan Peters in X-Men: Apocalypse
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Warning: this article contains WandaVision finale spoilers – proceed with caution.

Eagle-eyed viewers may have already noticed, but there was a small tribute to Quicksilver in the WandaVision finale courtesy of Tommy Maximoff. After the person we thought was Wanda's brother, Pietro (AKA Quicksilver) showed up at the end of episode 5, he bonded immediately with Wanda and Vision twin sons, Tommy and Billy. 

Tommy was previously shown to have inherited Pietro's powers of super speed, while his twin, Billy, has powers more similar to his mother. Tommy even dressed up as his uncle for Halloween in episode 6, and his outfit in episode 9 also drew inspiration from Pietro. 

Wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses as the final showdown took place between Wanda and Agatha, the ensemble paid homage to Quicksilver's get-up for his high-speed shenanigans in the X-Men movies.

Of course, Pietro turned out not to be Pietro at all, despite all the multiverse theories milling about on the internet. He was just Ralph, a resident of Westview who fell victim to the magic of not just Wanda, but Agatha, too. As well as Fake Pietro's identity, the finale answered a lot of questions we had about the series – if there's anything about episode 9 that still has you scratching your head, though, we've done our best to explain the ending here.

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