Walmart buys into toyline based on Spawn's Cy-Gor

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Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo's cybernetic gorilla Cy-Gor is getting a second life as the star of a new McFarlane Toys line of action figures called RAW10 - and Walmart has swooped in to be the only place where you can find them.

And coming full circle, there's also talk that a digital comic series will be coming along with it.

"I'm excited to get back to creating and designing creature and monster toys," says McFarlane. "Fans, collectors, and kids alike can enjoy the new RAW10 world, upcoming online RAW10 comic series, and collecting all the creatures."

Here's each of the RAW10 figures, and how you can buy them:

Check out our gallery of images of all four figures:

Like a more crazed version of Marvel's ill-fated Brute Force or Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely's We3, McFarlane Toys' RAW10 stars animals melded with machines. 

"In the near future, the worlds of super-science and primal savagery have merged. Hidden away from prying eyes, the secret laboratories of RAW10 have created powerful warriors: part beast, part machine!" reads McFarlane Toys' description of the RAW10 concept. "But some have rebelled against their creator and have chosen to fight on the side of Humanity! Who will prove to be the strongest!"

This RAW10 line seemingly retcons the origin of Cy-Gor however. In comic books he's a human subjected to experimentations making him a gorilla with cyborg attachments. According to the RAW10 description, Cy-Gor is "the perfect combination of beast and machine."

(Image credit: McFarlane Toys)

McFarlane has had a long relationship with Walmart, going back to the early '90s. It even went to the extent that McFarlane, through his Image Comics company, produced two six-issue series - Boof and then Boof and The Bruise Crew - as a Walmart exclusive.

The RAW10 line goes on sale August 1 at Walmart. 

The RAW10 comic series is scheduled to debut in September, however each figure will include a "mini-comic" poster. Here's a look at all four:

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