Wait, Dark Souls 3 lets you emote monsters to death?

Okay, it's one hell of a lucky shot but watch here as Redditor RandumbStoner takes out a this poor guy in Dark Souls 3 (opens in new tab) with a 'Jump Of Joy' emote - a gesture that ends with an air punch that apparently can kill if it connects.

Talking on Reddit (opens in new tab) RandumbStoner says "I'm not sure if the gesture really killed him," although I'm going to totally believe it did. Apparently, he says, "it was a total accident, I was trying to congratulate [the other player] for the backstab." He's also been trying to do it again but adds, "that's probably not going to happen."

It's clearly a perfect piece of timing, whether or not the emote actually finished the monster off or not. It's not impossible that it did, especially if damage is calculated from collision speeds. Otherwise it was just an incredible animation fluke. Quick, everyone have a go and see if they can recreate it.

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