Visit the UK's scariest places

If Demons is anything to go by, beneath the surface, Britain is littered with things that go bump in the night. In the three episodes that have aired on ITV1 so far, we've seen demons monkeys with mechanical hands, a big bloke who regurgitates his supper, vampires, a demon who disguises himself as an alien, hyenas in hoodies and a man-rat with a penchant for experimenting on people. And while Demons is fictional, there are some seriously spooky places in the UK.

You can learn all about them via SFX's exclusive Demons Survival Kit . It features our newly updated interactive map of the UK's scariest places: places like Borley Rectory, the so-called "Most haunted house in Britain", where paranormal activity has been recorded since 1863, and there's stories of headless horsemen and a brown paper package containing the skull of a young woman; or Carisbrooke Castle on the Isle of Wight, where tales tell of a black-clad figure in a cloak who wields a 2-metre scythe... Maybe it's the grim reaper itself; or even The St Anne's Castle, a pub in Essex where a woman burned at the stake in 17th century witch trials is allegedly spotted by locals.

You can find details of these and loads of other creepy goings-on via the downloadable application, which also features pictures from Demons, videos, profiles of the characters, and interviews with cast and crew. So then at least if you do have encounter with an entity of the spooky kind, you'll know what do do. Much like the guys in the show...

Demons returns to ITV1 on Saturday at 7.45pm.

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