Vice City Stories characters revealed

Tuesday 25 July 2006
Box artwork for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories has recently been revealed by Rockstar, which reveals some of the characters we can expect to see in the next dip into the GTA PSP world this October.

Details about the plot of the game are few and far between but, if Liberty City Stories is anything to go by, gamers could well be taking control of familiar characters from the original PS2 game, while the supporting cast will be comprised of new and returning faces.

The box art seems to support this as there're a couple of recognisable mugs but no Tommy Vercetti, which suggests the events of the game occur before the original Vice City.

Above: It seems a few recognisable characters will crop up in Vice City Stories

Let's take a look at what we can expect from Vice City Stories:

The original Vice City was the first GTA to introduce chopper travel, but it wasn't possible to ride them in the previous GTA PSP game, Liberty City Stories. Has Rockstar changed this?

Umberto Robina
Voiced by Heat and Con Air star Danny Trejo in Vice City on PS2, Robina is the leader of the Cuban gang and has a hatred of the rival Haitian gang. Continually refers to the size of his balls. Could potentially be a lead character but there are questions over his bravery despite his macho posturing.

Big Mitch Baker
Big Mitch runs the Greasy Chopper bar and provides the security for the Love Fist gig in Vice City. Has a particular dislike of the police. His disregard for the law and no-nonsense approach could make him a possible lead character.

The only confirmed voice talent for Vice City Stories so far is radio DJ Lazlow Jones, and Navid Khonsari who provided the voice for stoner mechanic Dwayne in San Andreas. Dwayne was also the original owner of the boat yard in Vice City, with partner Jethro, before it was sold to Tommy Vercetti.