Valve says all current Steam Deck reservations will ship this year

Steam Deck review
(Image credit: Valve)

Valve says all current Steam Deck reservations will be on their way to customers' hands before the end of this year, thanks to supply chain issues finally being resolved.

In an encouraging update shared to Twitter on Friday, Valve explained that "we've cleared up supply chain issues" which allowed them to move "a bunch of folks" up to Q3 and make sure all other reservations will ship by the end of Q4. 

For clarity, the company followed up and confirmed that Q3 refers to the period from July to September and Q4 covers October to December, meaning anyone who's reserved a Steam Deck up until this point should have their portable PC before 2023, assuming shipping times cooperate.

Valve has been ramping up Steam Deck production in recent months, recently saying it would start "doubling" the amount of units it ships out to customers. Even so, this latest update bears the most tangible fruit of that effort to customers who've been waiting for their pre-orders for a long time, as it's apparently moved the shipping dates for many pre-order up several months.

If you're one of the folks waiting for a Deck, our Steam Deck review should assure you that it'll be worth the wait. We loved the inherent benefit of having your entire Steam library with you everywhere you go, as well as the machine's ability to run even AAA games smoothly, and the wealth of potential it offers to PC wizards and emulator fans.

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