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Valorant's new Ultra Skin turns guns into dragons and torches wallets

Riot Games has revealed the first Ultimate Edition skin bundle, and it turns your weapons into fire-breathing dragons. The undeniably cool Elderflame skin set comes with four Ultimate skins, and it'll cost 9900 VP when it hits the store July 10.

As our friends at PC Gamer (opens in new tab) point out, VP can only be bought in pre-set bundles ranging from $5 for 475 VP to $100 for 11,000 VP. That means you'll need to spend 100 real-life dollars to afford the full Elderflame skin set.

That said, it sounds like you'll be able to purchase each individual skin in the Elderflame line separately, which would set you back closer to $25 each. Judging from the reveal trailer, as well as a recent leak from PlayerIGN (opens in new tab), the Elderflame bundle includes skins for the Vandal, Frenzy, Operator, and Bucky. It also looks like the skins turn whatever melee weapon you're using into a dragon as well.

If there ever was a skin that would compel me to drop 100 notes, it would be one that gives me a shape-shifting shotgun dragon that's actually sort-of cute. Still, there's no denying that's a lot to spend on a cosmetic that doesn't give any performance benefits.

In addition to plenty of flashy skins, be prepared to welcome plenty of new agents in Valorant. We reported (opens in new tab) recently on Riot committing to roughly six new characters a year, introduced at the beginning of every two-month Act.

Valorant is one game you probably don't want to jump into blind, so do check out our essential Valorant tips (opens in new tab) first.

Jordan Gerblick
Jordan Gerblick

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