Valorant player spends 136 hours grinding to Immortal using a pistol

(Image credit: Riot)

A Valorant player has achieved the game's second-highest rank using only a pistol.

Flagged yesterday on December 5 by Jake Lucky on Twitter, streamer royalG has become the first Valorant player to achieve Immortal rank with only a Classic. That means the streamer went from unranked to the second-highest rank in Valorant using only a basic pistol.

In all, it took royalG a grand total of 136 hours to grind all the way from unranked to Immortal using the pistol in Valorant. To achieve this in an ultra-competitive online shooter like Valorant is basically unthinkable, which might well be why it took the streamer over 51 days to grind out the process.

If you're unfamiliar with Valorant's ranking systems, Immortal is the second-highest tier available, but there's a good reason it was the goal for royalG. Only 500 players worldwide can enter Radiant, the game's highest rank, at any one time, so royalG would be forced to overtake a Radiant-ranked player with just a pistol to achieve the feat.

Perhaps this was a bridge too far for the streamer. Considering each rank has three tiers as well, royalG would have to blast through three whole tiers of Immortal rank in Valorant to even think about getting close to Radiant rank. We can't help but wonder how many more days this excessive feat would take them. Next time you think you've got it tough in Valorant's ranked play, think again.

Speaking of weird new challenges for the game's community, in October Valorant players were playing in the most miserable way possible to achieve a new world record. 

Hirun Cryer

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