Update woes delay Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's first Stronger United Brilliant Event

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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's upcoming Stronger United Brilliant Event Part 1 has been delayed due to ongoing issues with its latest update.

The delay comes as players on both Android and iOS devices reported issues accessing in-game menus since the rollout of the update 2.6.0, including unresponsive buttons on the map view. While some players could rectify the issue with the classic delete-and-reinstall-the-app approach, Niantic admitted that "may not resolve the issue for everyone" but promised it was working on a "permanent fix". 

A few hours later, the developer updated Reddit to notify players that the map buttons were operable again but acknowledged it was still working on other bugs spawned by the update, including issues with wizarding challenges and an erroneous "device incompatible" message for players attempting to download Harry Potter: Wizards Unite from the Play Store. Again, Niantic promises it is "working on a fix to resolve these compatibility errors" but there's no further news as yet on when this might be deployed.

Consequently, via a very brief blog post on the official website, developer Niantic confirmed that while the event will still run for a week, it will now kick off on November 12, 2019, a few days later than its scheduled launch.

It's not all bad news, though; despite the delay of Part 1, Part 2 is set to run as planned from Tuesday, November 19, 2019. That too will run for a week, ending on November 26, 2019. 

Did you participate in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite's recent Fan Festival Global Challenge? Running from August 31 to September 1, the event gave players the chance to encounter four new types of Portkey Portmanteaus, each of which transported players to the Forbidden Forest where they could search for one of four Dragon Eggs. 

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