Upcoming Switch games for 2018 (and beyond)

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

 Release date: January 11, 2019
Genre: Platformer

Why is it so interesting? I am so, so happy that Nintendo is realising it can release excellent Wii U games again on the Switch to introduce them to a whole raft of new players. New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is another of these games, that although was ridiculously good, was hampered by the fact the Wii U didn't sell that well. This Deluxe bundle throws New Super Mario Bros. U and the Luigi-based platformer New Super Luigi U into the same package for some additional fun. If you didn't play it the first time round, and love a classic Mario side-scrolling platformer, you need this.

Trials Rising

Release date: February 2019
Genre: Sports

Why is it so interesting? If you haven't played a Trials game before, oh boy are you in for a treat. This side-scrolling motorcross game is hilarious fun, in that "I can definitely get the gold medal on the next run if I just get that bunny hop right" kind of way. You work your way through brilliantly designed levels, learning tricks, getting better bikes and realising that you don't quite have that controller dexterity you thought you did. Just watch the trailer above, and you'll see exactly why you need Trials Rising.

Mineko's Night Market

Release date: early 2019
Genre: Adventure / Simulation

Why is it so interesting? If you are incapable of watching the above Mineko's Night Market trailer and suppressing squeaks at all the adorable kitties it contains, this isn't a game for you. It's basically a kind of game like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, where you explore, craft, oh and breed cats. The cute little balls of fluff will follow you around as you play as Mineko who's just moved to Mount Fugu Island, and is also accompanied by her giant cat-like friend Abe. Together, you'll gather resources and craft items to sell at your market stall, play loads of mini-games, and of course, befriend kittens. Lots and lots and lots of kitties. Sounds rather wonderful, doesn't it?

Yoshi's Crafted World

Release date: Spring 2019
Genre: Platformer

Why is it so interesting? Yoshi's Wooly World was as surprising as it was delightful, and Nintendo looks to keep the trend of cutesy side-scrolling platformers going with the upcoming Switch game, Yoshi's Crafted World. Players are thrust into a diorama made of cardboard cutouts, and you'll guide Yoshi through them by chucking eggs at foes and shifting the camera perspective to interact with objects in the foreground or background. It's the kind of thing you wish you could hug.

Fire Emblem for Nintendo Switch

Release date: Spring 2019
Genre: Strategy RPG

Why is it so interesting? A recent Nintendo Direct revealed the existence of a proper FIre Emblem game hitting Switch in 2018, but that's basically all we know about it at this point. Even so, the series has gone through an (ahem) awakening of sorts since its appearance on the 3DS, and has since become one of Nintendo's most popular series. If we had to guess, this new Fire Emblem game (whatever it's called) will likely feature many of the same things that made Awakening and Fates so good - calculating, turn-based battles, permadeath, and a loveable cast who would want nothing more than to go out on dates with each other.


Release date: TBC 2019
Genre: Action/Survival

Why is it so interesting? Terraria, a bit like Minecraft, is one of those games that's on every platform possible. And for good reasons too. Terraria is a brilliant 2D sandbox game that tasks you with surviving in a procedurally generated world with nothing but a few basic tools to start out with. But the more you play, the cleverer you get and learn what you need to do to survive. It's addictive and brilliant.

Shakedown Hawaii

Release date: TBC 2019
Genre: Action

Why is it so interesting? Retro City Rampage packed an entire GTA-sized world to explore inside a game that feels like it belongs on an NES cart. Now, VBlank is doing the same to the SNES world with Shakedown Hawaii. With more freedom of movement, more detailed sprites, more missions to complete, and an entire property management economy to take part in (or blow up), Shakedown Hawaii looks to improve on its predecessor in nearly every way. 

Animal Crossing Switch

 Release date: TBC 2019
Genre: Simulation

Why is it so interesting? It's Animal Crossing folks, need we say more? It's been six long years since Animal Crossing: New Leaf hit 3DS consoles, and I know we've had home decorating, party game, amiibo card, figure focused spin-offs since then, but it's more than time for another entry in the core series. All we've had so far is the above trailer, featuring our old pal Tom Nook, no doubt already setting you up with a Bell Direct Debit for the house he's going to sell you. I for one can't wait to start saving though. 

Luigi's Mansion 3

 Release date: TBC 2019
Genre: Action

Why is it so interesting? Luigi's Mansion titles have always been incredibly well received thanks to their awesome Luigi-themed, ghost-sucking gameplay - it's basically Ninty Ghostbusters - and now we're getting a Switch version. Remember when Nintendo "killed" Luigi? Well, apparently it was the big tease for this! Does that make Luigi a ghost too now? Confusing. For now, Ninty is keeping the specific details about Luigi's Mansion 3 (a working title by the way) on the downlow, but there is a little trailer showing another haunted house and our second favourite plumber wielding his vacuum cleaner.

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