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Up In The Air trailer lands

The full theatrical trailer for Jason Reitman's Up In The Air is here.

You've probably heard us talk way too much about this film already, but frankly, if this superb trailer doesn't win you over, then nothing will.

George Clooney - at his charming best - stars as Ryan Bingham, the man who companies hire to fire employees when they don't want to. And given the economy, business is good.

Ryan lives to travel, enjoys having no real attachments and gets off on racking up the air miles and other jet-setting perks…

At least until his party is crashed by Anna Kendrick's go-getting newcomer, who wants to introduce firing-by-video and threatens to ground Bingham.

We don't want to say any more, and if we have one concern about the trailer it's that it gives a little too much away... Still, have a look for yourself. Looks like the man behind Juno has done it again….