Unofficial Skyrim map app incoming

An upcoming Skyrim app for iOS will soon make it easier for mobile Dragonborn to track their adventures, share battle stories with friends, and keep tabs on the game's ginormous amount of content.

Called Dragon Shout, the free app is being designed as an unofficial companion to Bethesda's RPG, which will give players the ability to add notes and markers to an interactive Skyrim map. Potential uses include jotting down the locations of alchemy ingredients, documenting item drops, noting interesting events, or adding reminders to eat and/or spend time with family.

Future updates will include the ability to share journal entries and markers with friends, and chat with other Skyrim fans. You can catch a peak of the app in action here.

According to the developer rickblalock's thread on Touch Arcade, the app is nearing completion, and will be available on the Apple Store within weeks. The Dragon Shout website also indicates an Android version is on its way.

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