Save 20% on Unfathomable, one of the most fun board games we've played this year

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New Arkham Horror board game Unfathomable has dropped by 20% as a part of today's Amazon board game sales, dropping it to $63.96 instead of almost $80.

That's the game's lowest price to date - it's never dipped below $74 since its launch back in November 2021. That makes this price drop well worth taking advantage of while it lasts, as Unfathomable hasn't ever been cheaper in any recent board game deals.

As a part of the Arkham Horror universe (which is based on Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos), Unfathomable is all about defeating eldritch monsters and trying not to lose your mind in the process. Much like Arkham Horror: Final Hour, the odds are stacked against you - besides contending with Deep Ones, players have to protect the steamship Atlantica from traitors who are trying to sabotage their efforts in secret. This means that no-one can be trusted, and because teamwork is essential to win, it's a fun Catch 22 situation.

We recently went hands on with Unfathomable, and can already say that it's a contender for our list of best cooperative board games - it's certainly the one we've enjoyed the most in 2022, anyway. It really is excellent once you've gotten your head around the rules, and that emphasis on deception helps add spice to keep you invested. Seeing as it's based on the old (excellent) Battlestar Galactica board game that also focused on hidden roles, this isn't all that surprising.

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The best deal in today's board game sales

Unfathomable | $79.95

Unfathomable | $79.95 $63.96 at Amazon
Save 20% - Move quickly and you can get $15.99 off the latest Arkham Horror game. Because it's never dipped much below $74 since launch, that's the best deal you'll get for the time being.

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