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Unexplored 2 early access trailer shows off the pastel-toned Zelda and D&D vibes

Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy is out now on Epic Games Store, and if the new trailer isn't enough to get you interested, maybe picking the game up for half off will be.

Developer Ludomotion has been working on Unexplored 2 for a while - we took a look at it during PAX 2020, right before the pandemic shut the world down - and it's now ready to share the game with the world as an early access EGS exclusive. Unexplored 2's early access trailer shows off what you can already play in the current version of the game: creating your character, battling enemies, overcoming challenges, and embarking on a perilous journey to destroy a powerful artifact before it ruins your world.

I picked up Unexplored 2 last night, and it instantly felt like a smooth fusion of roguelite runs, Zelda-esque adventure, and good old D&D-style resource management and decision making. That last part has really struck me the most; navigating tense conversations, disarming ancient traps, and climbing craggy cliffs all play out through a narrative deck-building minigame, with your character's skills helping to skew certain situations in their favor.

That's not even getting into how time keeps progressing between your runs - unless you screw up during the climactic finale, in which case it's The End for your whole dang world, and time to start a new one. Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy will normally be $24.99, but during the Epic Mega Sale you can get it for $12.49 with an automatic Epic Coupon. Given the fact that Unexplored 2 just came out, it will probably be a while before you can get it at that low of a price again.

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