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NBA 2K21 is free on Epic Games Store to kick off the next Epic Mega Sale

NBA 2K21
(Image credit: 2K Games)

The Epic Games Store's Epic Mega Sale is back on, and it's kicking off with the best kind of discount: a free copy of NBA 2K21.

The latest entry in the 2K's basketball franchise is yours to claim on the Epic Games Store until May 27 at 8 am PDT / 11 am EDT / 4 pm BST. It's the first of four free games that will drop throughout the Epic Mega Sale, with the event set to run all the way through June 17. On top of the free games, a wide swathe of the EGS catalog has been reduced in price - and best of all, the ridiculously good Epic Coupon has returned too.

Log into the Epic Games Store during the event and you can claim one Epic Coupon, which gives you $10 off on any game purchase of $14.99 and up. Then you get another one to replace it, without limits, for as long as the event runs! It means that every game on the store that costs $15 or more is effectively $10 cheaper on top of whatever discount it may already have as part of the Epic Mega Sale. It also has the odd effect of making a game that costs, say, $19.99 cheaper than a game that costs $11.99, but I'm not gonna sit here and try to pick holes in some really phenomenal savings.

Here are some of the best deals to look out for, with the extra cost reduction of the Epic Coupon already factored in for your convenience.

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