See how Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy puts you in an unpredictable world that reacts to your every move

In Unexplored 2: The Wayfarer's Legacy, you're expected to fail, and each time you do, you'll be one step closer to completing your goal. Trippy, we know. Check out how that works in new gameplay footage from our PAX East showcase. 

As Unexplored 2's Jakobsen Locke explains in the above video, "failure is going to be a bit part of it. Accepting failure is going to be the best part of the experience because it's going to morph the world into something you just can't predict." In this procedurally generated roguelike, you're setting out to destroy a staff. You're told where in the world you need to go in order to destroy it, but you don't know exactly how you'll actually carry it out. Throughout each run, you'll learn what you need to complete your task. 

Interestingly though, when you die you start over, but the world will still remember what you got up to last time, as Locke expands on during our showcase: 

"All of the choices that you made in that first world and that first run is going to impact the world for your second run. All the factions that you either wronged or helped out, they're going to be there. They're going to be playing their own mini-game of civilization, even outside of your input. So even when you're not doing things the world is evolving and it might impede your tasks. So at some point it might become too hard and you might want to start over. The idea is that the more you play in the same world, the more it evolves and the more unique it becomes to your experience." 

A big part of the game will also involve you interacting with NPCs in the world. Using a dice roll-like system called a fortune test, you'll be presented with different options that can lead to other choices. So you don't necessarily have to fight your way out of everything. 

It currently doesn't have a release date or confirmed platforms. To see more of this exciting, reactive world, be sure to check out the rest of the video where you can learn more about the roguelike's systems and features. 

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