Under The Dome Renewed

After the phenomenal ratings success of Under The Dome in the States, it’s no surprise CBS has ordered a second series of 13 episodes for the summer of 2014.

The bigger news is that Stephen King , upon whose 2009 book the show is based, will be scripting the premiere episode of season two.

He has dabbled in writing episodic TV before with his own projects like Storm Of The Century , Rose Red and Kingdom Hospital , and has even written episodes for The X-Files (“Chinga”) and Tales From The Darkside (“Sorry, Right Number”).

Under The Dome the series is about a small American town called Chester’s Mill, populated by people who live their lives by the Lost code (ie, have a dark secret in your past, and never ask the obvious questions) which becomes cut off from the rest of the world by an invisible barrier.

The show premiered with nearly 14 million viewers (massive for a drama these days, especially in the summer in the USA) which rose to almost 20 million when catch-up figures were added in. Since then the figures have only decreased very slightly and have levelled out with weekly “live” audiences in excess of 11 million. That’s a bona fide hit whatever way you look at it.

Channel 5 has bought the rights to show Under The Dome in the UK, but no details yet on when it might air over here. You can see the trailer here .

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