Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection footage gets back on the Jet Ski

All the games in Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection got some visual upgrades for their PS4 revival, but the original had the furthest to go. Now Sony's given us an extended look at one of the most memorable scenes from the new-and-improved Drake's Fortune: Nate and Elena make their escape from Eddy Raja's compound on a Jeep with infinite grenades (they really shouldn't have left the keys in that thing) and wind up on that infamous Jet Ski.

I've also embedded a playthrough video of the original so you can compare it with the Nathan Drake Collection version - the pertinent part starts at 14:10. The cutscenes themselves don't look all that different aside from some higher resolution textures, but you can really see the difference once the chase begins. While the PS3's frame rate starts chunking along with all those explosions and jungle foliage, the PS4 maintains a smooth 'n steady 60 frames per second.



The Nathan Drake Collection version is just crisper in general, thanks in part to a lighter hand on the bloom post-processing effect. Remember back when bloom was a big deal? It also has modernized controls, which should feel more consistent across all three games. The whole thing will hit stores on October 9 for $59.99 / £42.99.

Connor Sheridan

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