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The Uncharted movie is actually happening as Antonio Banderas joins cast and new director confirmed

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It’s actually happening. The Uncharted movie finally – finally! – has a confirmed cast and director.

Antonio Banderas is set to join proceedings in an unknown role alongside the already-announced Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Wahlberg as Victor “Sully” Sullivan. The stop-start project has churned through over six directors, but we finally have confirmation that Venom director Reuben Fleischer will helm the video game adaptation.

Variety is reporting that Banderas, recently nominated for Best Actor for his part in Pain and Glory at this year’s Oscars, will appear in the Uncharted movie, which is set for release on March 5, 2021. Right now, it’s not yet known what his role will be. Hero? Villain? We’ll likely soon find out as shooting is set to start next month. Two more actors are also joining the cast: Grey’s Anatomy’s Sophia Taylor Ali and The 100’s Tati Gabrielle.

Good timing, too. The man who’ll be walking a mile (and precariously teetering on several cliff-faces) in Nathan Drake’s shoes has recently been talking up the Uncharted movie. Holland said in a recent interview that “it’s one of the best scripts [he’s] ever read,” adding that filming was set to take place "in four weeks". Seeing as he made the comments almost two weeks ago, that gives Fleischer and his team two weeks until filming begins. It's happening!

It’s been a rough and rocky road for the Uncharted movie, filled with as many pitfalls as any of Nate’s death-defying adventures, and a long, long line of directors, from Dan Trachtenberg, to Travis Knight in its wake. But now, a cast is in place, a director is set – and Marky Mark is going to share the screen with Antonio Banderas. Treasure this moment.

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