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Uncharted 4 five-year anniversary player stats prove we love playing with lemurs

Uncharted 4
(Image credit: Sony)

Naughty Dog is sharing a few interesting player stats to commemorate Uncharted 4's five-year anniversary, and it turns out we love playing with lemurs (not that it's a huge surprise).

Credit where credit's due, GamesRadar's Connor Sheridan predicted this would happen just before Uncharted 4 launched. "Calling it, Uncharted 4's lemur cuddles are the new Last of Us giraffe moment," a prophetic Sheridan rather smugly wrote in a 2016 headline.

As we learned today, a whopping 9.8 million players have played with the lemur in Uncharted 4's busy market area. Granted, there was a trophy (opens in new tab) in it for them, but we all know the real reason we played with that lemur is that it's just too darn cute to ignore.

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The player stats also reveal that over 13 million people have played Uncharted 4 multiplayer, 9.5 million players used an accessibility option, and 12 million players (not including me, admittedly) hit every target in the attic with the toy gun near the beginning of the game.

Here's the full list of player stats released today for easy reading:

  • 13.3 million multiplayer players
  • 9.5 million players used an accessibility option
  • 9.8 million played with the lemur in the market
  • 7.5 million players played Marco Polo (again)
  • 2 million players climbed to the very top of the Clocktower
  • 12 million players hit all the targets in the attic with the toy gun
  • 2 million took a photo of Sully

As you can see, there's a lot more to Nate Drake's final outing (maybe?) than just busting baddies and uncovering ancient lost treasure. It's also bonafide proof that where there's an animal in a video game, there will be people trying to pet/play with it. Not that we needed any more proof - remember when we learned how many foxes we were petting in Ghost of Tsushima?

If Uncharted does make a comeback, should Naughty Dog take charge?

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