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Ultra Street Fighter 4 hits PS4 with all DLC included in May

Ultra Street Fighter 4, the fourth and (supposedly) final version of Capcom's genre-revitalizing fighting game, will hit PS4 across Europe and the Americas on May 26. Sony and Capcom also revealed that they don't plan to release a retail version - USF4's PS4 version will be available exclusively on PlayStation Network, at least for now.

Even if you can't get the PS4 edition of USF4 on disc, it's still a pretty nice bargain: the downloadable package includes the game, as well as all currently released DLC, for $25. That's $15 less than USF4 cost all by itself when it released on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 last summer.

The update will also apparently fix the "minor" input lag present in the PS3 version, making it a more attractive choice for competitive players. Capcom's flagship fighting game series will continue with Street Fighter 5, which is tentatively set to release on PC and PS4 in spring 2016.

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