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Xbox Series X restock is happening today - here's where

Xbox Series X restock December 8
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An Xbox Series X restock is taking place today at Walmart at 9am PT / 12pm ET (December 8), and it's exclusively for Walmart Plus members. Here's how you can get your hands on the elusive system. 

Because this Xbox Series X restock is reserved only for paid Walmart Plus members, you will need to have a subscription to the service in order to participate (free trial members will not be granted the opportunity to partake). Fortunately, this plan is one of the more affordable options when it comes to retailer loyalty schemes, and should make all the difference in ending your search early. 

Walmart Plus costs $12.95 per month (or $98 annually) and gives you not only early access to Xbox Series X stock drop. However, it's worth reiterating that you're still going to have a very tight window with getting yourself an Xbox Series X restock today at Walmart - while you're competing with far fewer people, given it isn't open to the general public, there's still very high demand. Even so, if you've missed out in the past, today could very well be that perfect opportunity to get the console. 

Also of significance, today there's a chance that GameStop could have an Xbox Series X Halo Infinite edition restock ahead of the title's full launch. Nothing has been guaranteed as of yet, but we've seen a hint on the storefront's official Twitter page that units could be dropping at any moment. If you've had your eyes on this hard-to-get special edition system, you could very well get lucky here.

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Today's Xbox Series X restock at Walmart 

Xbox Series X | $499.99 at Walmart

Xbox Series X | $499.99 at Walmart
Taking place at 9am PT / 12pm ET: It's not only the most powerful Xbox ever forged, but also, technically, the world's most powerful console too. Remember to be quick when those flood gates open to Walmart Plus subscribers. 

Previous Xbox Series X restock dates

Xbox Series X

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Xbox Series X restock: buying advice

1. Log in as early as possible

Because we know not only where the Xbox Series X restock is happening, but also what time it goes live, there's ample opportunity to log in to your Walmart Plus account as early as possible to ensure a decent place in the queue. 

2. Have your details ready to go  

We recommend having your billing address and online banking information pre-emptively entered so that you don't lose out during your time window to buy the console. Just getting the system into your basket isn't enough to guarantee the purchase, so don't take any chances. 

3. Be patient 

It's likely that you'll be entered into a virtual queue line with a buffering window before you hit the landing page. Our best advice is to wait for it to tick over - there's normally a timer or a loading bar on-screen - as clicking or refreshing could mean losing your spot. 

4. Aim for bundles (if possible) 

Given how difficult Xbox Series X units have been to track down since release, the vast amount of attention is going to be aimed at the standalone system, where it will sell out first. Should bundles be packaged in with some of the best Xbox Series X accessories or games, we recommend making them the priority to avoid any disappointment. 

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