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WWE 2K20 DLC guide: who’s in it and when is it out?

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As our WWE 2K20 DLC guide is about to explain, this marks a curious year for the biggest wrestling franchise in gaming. WWE 2K20 reviews have been appalling, but if you really must play it, take a bit of solace in the reasonable WWE 2K20 roster and fresh approach to downloadable content. Instead of adding NXT prospects and legends, this time out we’re getting fictional versions of popular wrestlers, such as ‘Wicked’ Aleister Black and ‘Demon King’ Finn Balor. Let GR's WWE 2K20 DLC guide steer you through the wrestling minefield…

WWE 2K20 DLC guide: Who’s in it?

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The WWE 2K20 DLC selection is made up of four packs, collectively entitled WWE Originals. The first pack, Bump In The Night, emerged shortly after release. The next three, Wasteland Wanderers, Southpaw Wrestling, and Empire Of Tomorrow, are all tabbed to emerge further down the line.

The only ‘real’ WWE gimmick to feature in Bump In The Night is ‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt, a genuinely unsettling alter-ego for the man once known as Husky Harris. Otherwise it’s pure fiction, with a character list featuring ‘Demon King’ Finn Balor, ‘Swampfather’ Bray Wyatt, FrankenStrowman, ‘Wicked’ Aleister Black, ‘Unleashed’ Randy Orton, ‘Fed Up’ Sheamus, ‘Pilgrim’ Rusev, ‘Survivor’ Mandy Rose and ‘Twisted’ Nikki Cross.

Naughtily, however, you have to create those versions of Rose and Cross using CAW parts. That's a disappointment.

Additionally there are zombie versions of Cesaro, Kassius Ohno, Robert Roode, Sami Zayn, and Sasha Banks.

As yet, no characters are confirmed for the later packs. An alternate take on The Ascension - Konnor and Viktor - would be a natural choice for the Wasteland Wanderers package, given their ‘Welcome to the Wasteland’ catchphrase, and surprising removal from the on-disc roster. Similarly, Asuka is known as ‘The Empress Of Tomorrow’, so a spin-off of her character for the Empire Of Tomorrow DLC seems inevitable.

Southpaw Wrestling is especially exciting - it’s a WWE Network show that lampoons regional broadcasts from the ‘70s and ‘80s, with Heath Slater turned into ‘Impressive Pelvis Wesley’ and Daniel Bryan becoming ‘Dan Bandana’. We’re looking forward to seeing which of its hilarious characters score a videogame debut. That info will appear here as soon as it’s announced.

WWE 2K20 DLC guide: What else is in it?

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More rings, more moves, and more Towers. Bump In The Night, for instance, features five new story Towers, including One Of The Family - where Daniel Bryan must win matches to prevent himself being possessed by ‘The Swampfather’. It grants two new arenas in Wyatt Swamp and Cemetery Brawl, and a load of create-a-superstar parts and weapons.

Wasteland Wanderers features an arena set in a brown and grey post-apocalyptic dead zone, while Empire Of Tomorrow adds a setting that looks airlifted out of Tron. Again, Southpaw Wrestling feels like the truly exciting one, with a throwback ring that features palm trees on the apron and is surrounded by a swimming pool. That’s sure to inspire WCW Bash At The Beach settings once the community gets to work in Create-An-Arena.

We’ll update this guide with additional details as soon as they’re announced.

WWE 2K20 DLC guide: How much is it?

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All four DLC packs can be bought as part of the BackStage Pass, for $29.99 / £24.99.

If you want to cherry pick your favourites, then you’ll have to take a wait-and-see approach on the three later packs. No price for those have been released yet, and in the past there’s been no consistent policy with regards to cost. However, we can confirm that the Bump In The Night pack costs $14.99 / £11.99.

WWE 2K20 DLC guide: Who isn’t in it?

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Sadly, it looks as though the days of DLC packs being used to add wrestlers recently signed to WWE are over. In this way WWE 2K19 DLC contained names such as Ricochet, Lacey Evans, and Mike and Maria Kanellis, but that precedent set in previous editions has apparently been ditched.

This almost certainly means no place as DLC for NXT favourites Walter, Kushida, and Dominik Dijakovic, and no way to resolve the WWE 2K20 Lio Rush mystery. (The reigning cruiserweight champion was included as DLC last year, but is curiously missing from this year’s game.) You can get these characters as fan-made CAWs (create-a-wrestlers), but that isn't quite the same as having them officially. 

WWE 2K20 DLC guide: release date

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The Bump In The Night pack is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The three additional packs have much more vague release dates at present. Wasteland Wanderers is set for ‘Late 2019’, so you can expect that one immediately before Christmas. If we then assume that the packs will continue to arrive at two-month intervals that would place the Southpaw Wrestling release in February 2020, and the Empire Of Tomorrow one in April 2020.

WWE 2K20 is out now. Wondering which ‘80s favourites are in this year’s game? Then you need our WWE 2K20 legends guide.

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